Learning Commons Newsletter August 2013

Hello Learning Commons friends!

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Welcome back to a new school year!  Or if you are a new parent or student welcome to a new learning experience with HCS Learning Commons, with service to your doorstep!  I hope you have enjoyed a wonderful summer, read lots of great books, and shared some precious summer memories with your families:)

Our library mission for 2013/14 is… to transform young people across the globe with a Christ-infused resource based library.

We have lots of great news to share with you!

Firstly we ask you please if you are new to our learning commons to follow us on our blog,  which will keep you updated!

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We love to get the news out whether by blog, or newsletter; which your teacher will email you once a month or more.  Stay tuned for exciting events in our learning commons!  If you would like to find out more about our lovely library staff and what we do,  check on this page for biographical information.

Circulation and Catalogue  System! Firstly we are live with L4U,  and all systems are ago, including our E Library.  Please let us know if you are experiencing difficulties, or have not received your username and password?  Remember that these passwords allow you access to the physical catalogue L4U, and our E library on Overdrive.  Our professional  librarian Shandra Wiebe is ready and able to serve you with placing requests and reference help in the physical commons in Kelowna!  She will also follow-up with a webinar in the fall to help you educate you about this new system.  In the meantime you can get access to some Powerpoint manuals on our website here, to help you trouble shoot some problems you might have experienced.

Our Shipping department led by the efficient Kelly Wiebe is back in business,  and she looks forward to shipping to your home many wonderful learning resources from our learning commons.  She has a news article that she would like you to read about shipping here.

Several educational Kits have been completed over the summer.  A big thanks to teacher Andria Lengkeek for completing a Grade 2 science kit on Air, Water and Soil,  and teacher Michelle Nimchuk for a Grade 8 Empires of the Middle Ages kit.  Both these kits are available in our learning commons for loan.  Also a big thanks to curriculum consultant extra-ordinaire Natalie Sing for putting the guides and links on the website.

Overdrive our E book library has some new changes on their website,  all of which will make your reading more easy and efficient.  Please read this article to learn more about these changes, as well as a new app that makes reading on your mobile device way easier!

To see what is new and exciting in Overdrive take a peek at our choice of new books!  We look forward to running a webinar in September to update you on how to use this library to your greatest advantage.  So if all of this is not making any sense please check in September on our website for updates, or contact Pippa Davies.  We will have a calendar soon!!

Ning our social network is a wonderful way for your teen to connect with other teens at our school.  Ning is our social network where discipleship is the name of the game:)  Not only can teens connect,  but parents and teachers can share with each other in a safe online community, via chat, email, blog or forum. moderated by myself and  other forum moderators.  Ning users can also share music, photographs and take part in many competitions that occur during the school year.  For more information on the  past happenings of the Ning click here.  If you or your student would like to join the Ning,  contact PippaDavies pdavies@onlineschool.ca, or your teacher and we will send you an invite:)  Teens should be 13 or older  to join.

Book clubs are set to begin in October!  To find out more about our Book clubs for the 2013/14 year please check this page.

A Big Welcome to our Alberta patrons. We are excited to serve you in the Learning Commons! You can expect your library codes very soon!   At this time however feel free to browse our catalogue, e-library and kit guides here and here. We will continue to add resources to best meet your needs, so please subscribe to our RSS feed in order to keep up to date.

Scoopit News!  Check out our current awareness links for August here.  Follow us if you subscribe to Scoopit and we will follow YOU!

We pray that the start of the new school year will be filled with many  learning adventures, and blessings!  We look forward to serving you and don’t hesitate to call, Skype, email or tweet us!


The Learning Commons Team

Creating Christian Community through Discipleship, Literacy and Innovation.


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