News on Kits in the Learning Commons!

Unit Study Kits!  “Everyone wants them; they must all be booked for the year!”

Not so:)  We do have some kits sitting on our shelves! It’s interesting to note that a number of these kits are for grades 6 and 7, such as the Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece for socials studies. For science there are Chemistry, and Extreme Environments kits available. For the younger grades we have the Solids, Liquids, Gases kit, Weather, Physical Education, Discovering Communities and a really fun kit on Creation, the Flood and Dinosaurs! These kits will help your students meet the learning outcomes in many subjects.


That’s just a sample of what’s on our shelves at the moment.  They may be available to book now or in the future; you just have to log in to find out!

Here are some tips to keep in mind about booking kits:


·        If a kit is not available when you first attempt to book it, check back to see if it has come available.  Folks change their minds and drop bookings through the year.  We also add copies of kits from time to time so more are available.

·        You can use the parent guide and student pages, even if the kit is booked. Then you can take out books from a local library or just use your own.  The list of kits can be found here:

·        The loan period is 7 weeks, but if you live in the Okanagan or the Lower Mainland, you can book for 5 weeks, if that is all that is available. Courier service to these areas is quite efficient so it doesn’t take as long to send/receive the kits.

·        Use other resources such as supplemental packs and books.  For example, the “Habitats” kit is very popular, but we also have three other kits that cover this topic:  The Gibson Park Grassland Detectives,    The Kingfisher Camp River Detectives and the Sixth Street Wetlands Detectives.

Supplemental Packs – What are those?

We changed the name from Supplemental kits to packs,  as they were getting confused with unit study kits. A supplemental pack is anything we put in a kit bag and it may or may not have a guide. It may have several books, a DVD, manipulates, or a novel study with an audio book.  Some examples are:

·        Preparing for Adolescents by Dr. Dobson

·        Money Matters for Teens

·        Aboriginal Tales, a collection of 6 story books

·        The Phonetic Zoo

·        Deca Dice games for math

·        Cuisenaire Rods

·        Reading Rods Phonics Activity set

·        Deluxe Decimal Tower

·        Math U See Gamma, with DVD

·        The Great Courses – a number of titles on history and math for high school

·        God’s Design sets including Our Universe, Machines & Motion, and more!

·        Lyrical Life Science

And the list goes on! In fact, we have 142 supplementary packs, and there is no limit to how many you can take out, (within the limit of 25 items).


New Unity Study Kits!

Several teachers have been hard at work creating new unit study kits for you! Soon to be on the shelves:  Air, Soil and Water – Grade 2;  Empires of the Middle Ages – Grade 8.


You have been requesting unit studies for the higher grades and now we have them!

Coming in late October:

·        Cells and Systems – Gr. 8

·        Electricity – Gr. 8

·        Fluids & Dynamics – Grade 8

·        Water Systems  – Gr. 8

·        Atoms, Elements & Compounds – Gr. 9

·        Reproduction – Gr. 9


How to find these in L4U?

Take some time to visit the list of supplementary kits by clicking on the Topic Search in L4U , then scroll to the icon with the title 001 Resources. We are adding more subtopics on an ongoing basis!


Please contact me if you need help.


Shandra Wiebe

Library Resource/Tech Administrator


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