Shipping News!

*Your faithful shipper Kelly wanted to clear up a little confusion in regards to items leaving the library and when items are to come back.


*When you place your order you will receive a checkout confirmation. On this confirmation email, it outlines at the bottom of your order the dates that your items leave the DRC (library), and when they have to be back at the DRC (library).  The important date to remember or highlight after you photocopy your confirmation booking email is, “how long you will have the item.”   There is an example below which is in a two day shipping zone.  Each patron has a zone shipping zone which varies from two days to seven days.  Please be aware of your shipping zone when returning the items you have.


*As you notice on the example below, the item has to be sent from the patron’s residence on May 26/14, so that it would be back at the library DRC on May 28/14, so it may go out to the next person.  This patron should let me know to order a Canpar pick up at least a day before it is to leave their residence, so that it will be picked up in time.


Copies  Title        Call Number       Author  From      Until       Media Code        Loan Period        School   Shipper


1               Solar system unit study:                KIT 523.2 SOL3                   04/07/14              05/26/14              KIT           49            Two day shipping zone

Leaves DRC on 04/03/14, returns to DRC on 05/28/14

You will have this item from 04/07/14 until 05/26/14.


*Currently we do not have an e-mail reminder that goes out automatically, so please keep your receipts or booking confirmations handy so you know when to call for a pick up.


Thank you so much for helping with the new adjustments.


Kelly Wiebe


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