Learning Commons News October!


The leaves are falling, children are reading and all is quiet on the home school front:)  Or not?  If you are wanting some peace on a rainy day,  find your comfy rocking chair and start reading,  as we have some awesome learning commons resources to share with you!!

The past few months have been so busy in our learning commons on all fronts,  as we launched a new software program to meet both the needs of both e library and catalogue for physical books.  We thank you for your patience in learning the new system, and hope that your experience will be more user-friendly with time:)

Our first learning commons webinar introduced many of our new patrons to our different systems and shared how to use an e-book via Overdrive, borrow from L4U, and gain access to our private social network the Ning. If you did not make the meeting we  would like to remind you re all the amazing training we have available.

L4U please go here to access training documents.

Shandra Wiebe has shared lots of useful information here on her Kit post,  to enlighten you more about the increasing demand for kits, some amazing new kits,  and how to find them in the system!

Kelly Wiebe has an update on Shipping!  Please read to discern how to use the Canpar system with ease:)

For E Library training go here to see how to get started.  The Powerpoint I shared at the webinar is below:

Overdrive training

If you are a student over the age of 13, parent or staff member who loves connecting,  or you want to catch up with events in our schools,  we would love to invite you to join an amazing social network, our Ning.   Please watch this Ning Powerpoint to get you started.  Or contact Pippa Davies pdavies@onlineschool.ca to get your personal invite:)  All high school students are invited to join especially grad students,  as all chapel links are to be found here and grad information is to be found in this group here.

NING Events!

Happening this October:

  • We are excited to launch our Photography contest on the Ning!  This year we called it “So YOU Think you can PHOTOGRAPH” with a theme of  “Seen from the Eyes of the Creator”.

Once again any students from grades 5 to 12 are encouraged to take part,  and share their artistic creations in the Photographic Competition.  You will need to have a Ning account to enter this competition.  For more information please go here.  If you do not have a Ning account please contact your teacher or pdavies@onlineschool.ca

  • Ning Tsunami event!  Yes come and check out our a budding authoress in our midst!  Our very own Jessie Davis has written a book called “Tsunami” .  She is hosting a chat group for high school students to comment on her book and discover more about their calling here on the ning.  She will have a live chat this Friday in the HCS campus learning commons @ 11.30-12pm ( if you live in the Kelowna area) to discuss the book.

Current awareness and contest updates on the  Scoopit Newsletter!

Themes this month include Fall seasons Thanksgiving and Harvest!

For links on Fall go to our weblinking library here.

For links on apples go here .

For links on Thanksgiving go here.

and lots of books on Thanksgiving in our L4U catalogue go here.

From all of us in the Learning commons we pray that you will experience God’s overwhelming goodness this Thanksgiving holiday:)

Blessings from the lc team!

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