Halloween Candy Math skills

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 Have the kids sort all of the candy whichever way that they choose ( name, manufacturer, chocolate, handy candy, soft candy, calories, size, weight, etc)

Now for younger students you could line up all of one kind of  candy one on top of the other, kind of like a bar chart and then beside that row you line up the next kind of candy so that in the end you have kind of a life size bar chart with candy.  Here is a picture in case my explanation is not good enoughJ  Even better would be to then transfer the data to a paper chart.  Extra learning involved in transferring the dataJ


             For students working on their short vowel letter sounds, you could have then sort their candy according to the short vowel letter sounds like on this site:http://boymamateachermama.com/2012/10/19/teacher-mama-halloween-candy-short-vowel-graph/Other ideas can be found here: http://playfullearning.net/halloween-candy-math/


For older students you can have then make a candy graph on paper and record the amounts of the paper graph.  I found an example online: http://media-cache-ec0.pinimg.com/736x/db/5a/f3/db5af357ffd5545bd259a26ae8078e5d.jpg


If you or the kids ate all of the candy you could use the wrapppersIf your family didn’t participate in Halloween you could use a bag of smarties, m&m, gummy bears or  anything that is mulicoloured and graph the number of colours in the bag of candy like shown on this site http://www.fundasenyuz.com/?p=291If you need graph paper just search graph paper printables on a Google search and you will get several options for graph paperThere are several online chart/graph makers available as well.

This would be a great data collection and probabilty/statistic activity that would be perfect to cover the data learning outcomes and a super math sample for the portfolio.  Don’t forget to take a picture and send the results to meJ


Blessings, Michelle


Michelle Nimchuk

HCOS Support Teacher and Immersive Tech Teacher

Pippa Davies @PippaDavies ‘s insight:

Awesome math skills for after party treat sorting!  Thanks Michelle!

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