Innovator of The Year Awards HCS schools 2014

Welcome students to the Innovator of the Year award at HCS Schools 2014.  

If you are a scientist, techie innovator, virtual world producer, entrepreneur or you have produced something Innovative and inspiring, here is your chance to enter a competition which celebrates all the creative and critical thinking you enjoy!

Who May Apply? Students from HCOS, HCS, ACOS and Living Truth,  grades 4-12. You may work individually or in a group.

When is the competition?  January 9 – March 15th 2014

Who will judge the competition?  Heather Loenen (science contributions),  and Gord Holden (technical innovations in computer science and design).

Judging Criteria?  

  • How creative and innovative is the idea?  This is the wow factor.  It is a measure of how you or a team stretched their thinking and conceived an original idea. Don’t hold back. We want you to impress with something which at least on a feasibility test might be just what the world needs (and has never seen previously)
  • Is this commercially viable if it is based on a business model?
  • How effective was your research in the process?  Did you cite all sources?
  • If your project is science based did you follow the correct science process.
  • Content is integral with communication.  How well do you or your team effectively get your point across via whatever form of presentation you are using.

Presentations!  Please share your presentations whether it is a google doc, video, podcast, Powerpoint or other format to the comments area below the event on the Ning.  Please RSVP on the Ning even to let me know you are entering the competition, and email me if you have any questions in the comments area below. If you are 13 years or younger you may have a parent join the ning on your behalf to RSVP and add your work.  Please email for more information

Prizes:  Amazon gift cards will be awarded to the top two science and top two techie contributions, in grades 4-7 and 9-12.

We so look forward to your amazing contributions!!


The learning commons team.

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