Social Media and the Learning Commons

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We have been discussing a lot about Social Media in the Learning Commons these days, trying to find the best ways that we can serve YOU!

Social Media can offer opportunities to find new resources, meet new people, collaborate with others, challenge your thinking, be a witness to others, mentor others or be mentored and be a life long learner! I am sure there are many more opportunities – these are just a few! Developing your own Personal Learning Network (PLN) is up to you!

As members of the Learning Commons, we want to support you in your Social Media adventures! Here are some ways that you can participate.

If you are on Google+, we have started a HCS Learning Commons Community – you can find us there. I would love to invite you to join and become part of our community. There will be a wide range of sharing here. You can look us up on Google+ or send a request to HCS Learning Commons or HCS Learning Commons Community.

Many of us are on Twitter already and we have several HCS related hashtags so that we are able to share information and collaborate there as well.  They are: #hcsreads, #hcsedchat and #hcslearningcommons

 You can follow us @rnsing, @PippaDavies, @PaulKellyBC, @GordHolden and we will follow back.

We have many bloggers in our HCS Community and you can find many of our bloggerson this page. If you are a blogger and we have not added you please let us know and we would love to add you to our list!

Many of you are now on the Ning. If you have not joined our community there, please ask Pippa Davies at or for an invitation. We have built an amazing group of students interacting and collaborating on the Ning. It has been wonderful to see!! We have many opportunities there to share – join a few groups and get involved!

We would love to meet you in any of these venues! If you have other ways that we can serve you in Social Media or in any other way, just let us know! Happy 2014!!

Blessings from your Learning Commons Team

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