April is National Poetry Month – come celebrate with us!


April is National Poetry Month!  As buds bloom bountifully with the change of seasons, now is the time to share the beauty of God’s creation,  and in response encourage our students to write poems,  or song lyrics to give praise!  We would love to highlight our poetry resources in the Overdrive library,  in the public domain, and share some poetry links that might help you with your studies.

Poetry Resources in Overdrive:

A Childs Garden of Verses

A Child’s Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson

This book is a garden of delightful, imaginative poetry, complete with fairies, animals, and plenty of fun. Make believe that a bed is a ship and exchange pirate stories, swing from a favourite tree and feel like you can touch the highest leaves, or visit a caravan of kings! An excellent read-aloud to share with a child.

Writing Poetry
Writing Poetry with Children by Evan Moor Educational Publishers
Explore the inspirational and imaginative world of poetry with your students! Writing Poetry with Children provides structured practice writing six types of poetry using engaging learning experiences that support students’ creative side. How-to charts help guide students through the step-by-step process of writing each type of poem. Then students bring their work to life by choosing from 30 reproducible illustrated writing forms. And since each lesson is presented at three difficulty levels, it’s easy to support all your students.

Poetry Patterns
Poetry Patterns and Themes by Evan Moor Educational Publishers
Help your students discover the fun of writing poetry using the engaging activities in Poetry Patterns & Themes. With 41 types of poetry covered, your students will practice everything from traditional verse (couplets, haiku) to more colorful selections (sneaky poetry, inside-outside poetry). Each lesson introduces the poetic form with a definition and example of the poetry covered. Then a step-by-step writing form leads students through the process of creating their own works of art.

reviews by Overdrive
Poetry Titles in the Public Domain:

Poems Every Child Should Know
Poems Every Child should Know by Mary E. Burt (or in audio format from Librivox)

Poems Teachers Ask For

Poems Teachers Ask For by Various

Poems Teachers Ask For Book Two by Various

Aunt Charlotte's Evenings at Home with the Poets

Aunt Charlotte’s Evenings at Home with the Poets by Charlotte M. Yonge


Great Links for Reading and Writing poetry:

Read Write and Think has a wide variety of poetry writing interactives.

Canada has some amazing poets both from the 1800’s and now… Take a look at this site for some great Canadian poetry!

Scholastic has a great Poetry Engine to help you with your poetry writing. They also have a wide variety of resources here.

This site has a wide range of poetry forms for your budding poets!

Here are 8 iPad Apps for exploring poetry.

This page has poetry resources including a graphic organizer for planning a poem.

Finally here
are some “hands-on” poetry activities for you and your students.

We are hoping this will inspire you to explore reading and writing of poetry during National Poetry Month.

Should you need help with getting started on Overdrive E Library give Pippa or Natalie a Skype call or email and they will walk you through the process.




  1. Rosanne Swain says:

    Excellent helpful blog. Thank you.


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