Did You Know?

Our Overdrive E library has really been a happening place this last month with stats increasing over 100%.  WOW!!  Who knew e-text books, novels and downloadable workbooks could be so providential 😀

WHAT I did not know that we had curriculum on our e Library?”  How do I get it??!

We ask that you first watch this video please?



There are several places we are adding new e kits to our Overdrive library.  This month we welcomed Rachael Freed to our learning commons as a curriculum writer to help us bridge the 2014 and 2015 learning outcomes with reliable e kits!  Her first e kit is Needs of Plants and Animals for Kindergarten/Grade 1  You will find this kit and more in the coming year under


Downloadable Overdrive Unit Studies.

Our learning commons team has started writing themed material units, to help bridge some of the seasonal learning which happens throughout the year.  As these materials are shared we are archiving them in this place under the tab

E BOOK LIBRARY  and then

Themed Resources Overdrive

We would love to help you get started using our E Library.  You can watch the archived video on using our learning commons which happened in the fall at this link here:

Library Webinars Just the Basics November 6th 2013
Organized By: Pippa Davies and Shandra Wiebs At: 2:14 PM on 06/11/2013
Collaborate Recording IconRecording Link:

Or you can read more about how to use the e library here.

Or you can Skype/email Natalie or Pippa and we will personally share with you the process of getting you started on Overdrive!

Blessings from the learning commons team!


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