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(image from Wikipedia)

(image from Wikipedia)

Electric light came to Ottawa streets on May 1st, 1885. What an exciting day that must have been to go from darkness to light! Today we explore the topic of light in the Learning Commons and we hope that this will inspire you to take a closer look at our Light and Optics titles on Overdrive.

Light and Colour

Light and Colour by Barbara R. Sandall

Connect students in grades 5 and up with science using Light and Color. This 80-page resource “sheds light on” the scientific basis of light and color perception. The book covers topics such as the concepts of light and color perception, how light travels, and what determines how bright light is. It contains subject-specific concepts and terminology, inquiry-based activities, challenge questions, extension activities, assessments, curriculum resources, and materials lists. The book supports National Science Education Standards and NCTM standards.

Light and Dark

Light and Dark by Julie Murray

Discusses the basic science concept of light and darkness.

Secrets of Light

Secrets of Light by Anna Claybourne

In Secrets of Light, you will find out where light comes from, why rainbows occur, and how cameras work.


Light by Britannica Educational Publishing

Our visual experience of the world and our ability to perceive the objects and people around us would be impossible without light and the many roles it plays in our daily lives. In addition to facilitating our perception, light sustains life on earth by providing energy to plants and heating the atmosphere. The fundamentals of light—including how it is measured, its interaction with matter, and the particle and wave theories of light—are covered in this detailed volume.

Lets Investigate Light

Let’s Investigate Light by Buffy Silverman

With an emphasis on how important light is to our Earth, this title explains how light effects photosynthesis, how light travels, the different properties of light and how both animals and people depend on it. Whether it’s ultraviolet light that help bees pollinate flowers to solar panels that use the Sun’s light to heat our homes, it’s all addressed in this beautifully illustrated book.

Super Cool Experiments Light

Super Cool Science Experiments: Light by Dana Meachan Rau

Following the scientific process, this title provides instruction on how to conduct experiments that help students gain a better understanding of light.

Light and Optics

The Project Guide to Light and Optics by Colleen Kessler

Science projects for kids pertaining to light and optics.

Discover Light and Sound

Discover! Light and Sound by Avaly McGinley

The activities in this book reinforce basic concepts in the study of light and sound, including the nature and behavior of light, sources and uses of light, types of lenses, the vibration and travel of sound, and the characteristics of sound. Various activities, such as experiments, puzzles, and review questions help students effectively learn the principles presented. General background information, suggested activities, questions for discussion, and answers are included. Encourage students to keep completed pages in a folder or notebook for reference and review.

Heat, Light and Sound

Heat, Light and Sound 1-3 by Edward P. Otleb

Developed by leading science educator and former president of the National Science Teacher’s Association, Ed Ortleb, “Heat, Light, and Sound” offers curriculum-oriented worksheets that provide a focused unit of information on each subject. No teacher preparation is required to use the pages. Activities include coloring, cutting, pasting, sequencing, matching, drawing, games, and puzzles. Extension activities and background information included in teacher guide.

Light Reflection and Refraction

Light – Reflection and Refraction by Evan Moor Publishers

Hands-on activities, balance of processes and content, and uses readily available materials. Includes a full-color activity poster.

Step by Step Experiments Light and Vision

Step by Step Experiments with Light and Vision

Explains what light and vision are; describes the scientific method; and includes experiments testing different light and vision concepts.

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