May is Flower Month


May is Flower month and a great time to learn about plants and gardens! We are highlighting our plant and garden Overdrive resources for you, along with some great classics that you might want to read to your children this month.

The Secret Garden

I think the all time “garden” favourite would be The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. You can find an ebook or audiobook here.

The Basket of Flowers

A Basket of Flowers by Christoph Von Schmid is another favourite. You can find it here.

Language of Flowers

You may want to research some of the meaning of flowers from your garden. You could do it with this book from Kate Greenaway.

Now on to the Overdrive Resources:

Plants Evan Moor

Learning About Plants by Evan Moor Publishing

Learning About Plants covers concepts that address National Science Education Standards.Concepts covered include: plants are living things; living things are alike in many ways there are many kinds of plants in many kinds of environments the parts of a plant help it survive in its environment each plant part has a different function: – plants have roots; roots collect water – plants have stems; stems carry water and nutrients – plants have leaves; leaves make food for the plant -some plants have flowers; flowers make seeds – seeds grow into new plants plants change and grow; plants look like their parent plant plants needs air, water, food, and light animals and people need plants A variety of engaging activities present the concepts in ways that young students can understand. Each concept presented includes: teacher directions for lessons reproducible resource pages such as sets of picture cards, minibooks, and lab sheets to record the results of hands-on investigations

Plants for Food, Fuel and Medicing

Plants as Fuel, Food and Medicine by Julie K. Lundgren

How our Earth and existence depend on plants is introduced in this title. Their uses for food, alternative forms of fuel, and everyday discoveries of how plants have a medicinal effect on curing diseases and promoting good health are all addressed. Introduces their role in preventing and reversing the important issue of global warming helps introduce students to just how important plants are.

Food from the Sun

Food From the Sun by Harriet Brown

Discusses how plants use sunlight, water and soil for food, how the plant transports food, plant reproduction, seeds and plant survival.

What is a Plant

What is a Plant? by Bobbie Kalman

Plants provide people and animals with food, shelter, and even oxygen. Plants help us live and grow, but how does a plant grow? Where do plants grow? What is a Plant? introduces young readers to a variety of plant types, including ferns, carnivorous plants, mosses, and trees. This fact-filled book explains:


different methods of reproduction

how seeds germinate and grow

which types of plants grow in different climates

how plants defend themselves

Plant Reproduction, Growth and Ecology

Plant Reproduction, Growth and Ecology by Britannica Educational Publishing

The life cycle of a plant can be truly remarkable to observe, and the energy of plant life can be truly mystifying; consider how certain environments are inhospitable to life, yet they’re sprinkled with various forms of vegetation. Plant reproduction can occur asexually or sexually; the method of reproduction sets the stage for the plant’s growth and maturity. This flourishing volume examines the processes of plant reproduction and the stages of plant life, while also spotlighting the role of plants in various ecological settings.

Reviews from Overdrive

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