May News!

Welcome to May and sunshine reading!

As the school year winds down,  and our students head outdoors, it may be a challenge to keep them interested in doing “school” work. You may have that panicky feeling that you need to be assessing your students with all kinds of tools. Your curriculum may not be covered up to 75%??  ANDDD now you have to find curriculum for next year:)  Put away your filing!  Relax and enjoy some new stories, web links and curriculum plans for this year or next.  Next year you can complete your curriculum goals by 100% 😉

This month our learning commons team would like to share curriculum resources on Flowers and Nature, Music and Composers, Weather , Light and Biographies.  We celebrate the wonderful layers  of the reading process and biographies on Overdrive, as well as a book review on the book “I am Daring Greatly”.

Reading stats show that engagement of younger students will happen regardless of whether you are reading with traditional paper book or e-book. So long as the parent child attachment is happening during the reading process all is golden.  To encourage easy access to picture books we have purchased lots of wonderful picture book material to invite great reading opportunities.  To search for picture books on our e library please go to this tab under Collections called Picture books.  One of my favourite picture books in our collection is  “My Dog is Smelly as Dirty Socks” by Hannoch Piven.  I love this story about family and differences, with unique and colourful illustrations. The questions at the end will encourage reading attachment time!

Web tools re lesson plans and educational resources!

Plants and Flowers

Music and Composers 

Weather and Climate


NEW!  Overdrive E kits click on this link here.

NING News and activities  (PS Ning is being upgraded to web 3.0)

Our poetry challenge is underway on the Ning and we welcome all budding poets from grades 3- grade 12 to join in this creative writing competition.  If you are not a member of the Ning please email me and I will share an invite or I can share your poetry myself.

Scoopit Newsletter for current trends on all things distance learning!


We ask that all staff and patrons please complete our user survey, so that we know how to serve you best in the coming year!  Thank you!

Blessings from the learning commons team!

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