Emerging technologies 2014 leading to the Horizon Report

Here are my picks on new tech for our learning commons, based on the research leading to the Horizons Report!

  • Digital textbooks on Overdrive.  This year with the new trend towards project based learning in our BC learning outcomes the need for digital media becomes more essential for our patrons all over the province.  Overdrive continues to negotiate with international publishers to meet these new demands for curriculum aligned to ministry standards.  Downloadable curriculum in the form of workbooks from Evan Moore, Horizons and Carson Dellarosa is at your fingertips,  along with reference books to support inquiry based learning.  We hope to see a continuation of this accessible trend towards paperless learning!
  • Classbadges is a free online tool that allows teachers to select and customize badges to recognize student accomplishments. The record of digital badges can be accessed from anywhere and shared with family and friends.  This is a great way to share re digital portfolios or on a student’s website/blog as a means of recognition for service, or accomplishment.  In the learning commons it may be used as an alternative form of assessment for leadership, and or volunteer work.
  • Schools are becoming tablet friendly or Chromebook obsessed 😉  Watch for a complete set of Chromebooks and iPads in our learning commons in the fall!  Read more about why tablets are fast becoming your student’s next best friend in this article.
  • Special needs students might be interested in this new technology from Disney!  Check out this tactile rendering of 3D features in this article.  For Autistic or blind students, or younger readers this might be the answer to tablets!
  • Maker spaces in the learning commons!  As we define the endless parameters of a learning commons, project based learning, coding and 3 D printers become integral to bringing students into the 21st century.  Teaching students how to make their own computers is all part of the fun with Drool Worthy Kit!  Of course we need to throw in a computer science teacher to inspire the activities!  Anyone interested?? We have also been checking out the growing demands of 3D printers and realize the importance of having this new technology in our schools.  Read this article to see how schools in the US have caught hold of the Makerbot revolution.  The latest Makerbot replicator printer is very attractive, and for learning camps is a powerful tool!
  • Virtual worlds continue to draw many of our students into Quest Atlantis, and other worlds to create content that is personalized and creative, while encouraging social and cognitive skill development.

The only question left is how do we motivate for this in our budget?  Lets start by praying! 🙂

What are your requests based on these new techie trends?


Pippa and the lc team!


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