Booking Unit Study kits in L4U

When you are a booking items in our physical L4U library, please be sure to choose a loan period of 49 days. When an item is not available for a particular date, the system supplies several optional dates, but the dates shown are sometimes very short. Please be sure to look over the dates carefully. We will not ship for shorter periods, especially to outlying areas. Your homeroom indicates your shipping time:

HCOS – local Kelowna patrons
HCOS2 – 2 day shipping, HCOS3 – 3 day shipping etc.

The shortest period we allow is 36 days for locals, 2 and 3 day shipping zones only.

When booking unit studies, please remember there is a limit of 3 kits per family at one time. We do not allow back-to-back bookings or double bookings. We want to ensure as many families as possible will have access and we thank you for understanding!

You may receive an email from us indicating that you will need to rebook an item, or that the item is not available at all. We are adding more copies of unit studies to meet the demand, but this will take time. Other options we offer:
– we have parent guides available online which you can access and use books from other libraries
– we have digital unit studies that can be accessed on Overdrive

If you are not able to book a particular unit study, please contact Shandra Wiebe, Pippa Davies or Natalie Sing for assistance.

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