Collaboration in the learning commons!

This year we have 3 great programs that you and your students could consider to help get you connected!

NING: This is a social network created for our own school environment to help homeschoolers (and their parents) connect with each other more. It functions much like Facebook does in that you have your profile, you can add friends, talk to people, enter contests, play games and find out about upcoming events. However it is a much safer online environment, only accessible through the school site with a username and password. Distance learning may at times be isolating, and the NING offers a way to fellowship more and bring us closer together as a community.

If you would like more information on the NING please contact Pippa Davies ( ) or Erin Duncan ( ).  Students need to be 13 or older to join.

FMT: FMT Stands for Forum Moderation Team. It is a volunteer  peer mentorship team that is put together at the start of every school year to help keep the HCOS Moodle Discussion Forums and the NING running smoothly. Forum moderators will  alert the overseeing staff if there are any problems or disagreements on the Forums or NING that may need addressing, and point people in the right direction to get any questions about these social networks answered. It is approximately a 3 hour a week commitment that includes spending time on the Forums/NING, writing weekly reports on the parts of the Forums/NING that they are assigned to and attending weekly meetings/bible studies. We currently need 2-4 more students, from grade 10-12 to join the team. Being on this team allows you to count the hours toward your volunteer and work experience needed for graduation, and you will receive a letter of reference. If you are interested in this program please contact Erin Duncan ( ).

HCOS Mentor and Protege Program High School Students: This is a group that we are starting this year pairing up an older high school student with a younger one. Mentors (grade 10-12 students) get to help their protege through the transition into the high school system, answering questions and giving tips on how the system works, what studying habits worked well for them and being there as part of the Protege’s support system. The Protégé (grade 8/9 students) gains helpful information and support from a peer, and the Mentor is able to count the hours toward volunteer and work experience needed for graduation.  If you are interested in this program please look at the Mentor and Protege Program group on the NING events tab or contact Pippa Davies ( ) and add your name

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