Book Club Bonanza!

Welcome to a new school year full of literacy excitement!

Starting this October 2014/15  we have 5 book clubs, and potentially more!  Many of the books in these book clubs are in the physical commons or Overdrive E library.  Please contact a librarian to help you find your resources!

Grade 4/5 will be run by  Book club moderator April Mcleod.

This is going to be an exciting year in our Grade 4/5 Book Club.  Last year we had a fantastic response, and we had lots of fun blogging, reading and connecting about great books.  This year will be more of the same as there is an awesome list of books we are going to read and share our thoughts about.  Students will be getting their feet wet in blogging and learning a variety of ways to share about the books we are reading as they do oral presentations, moderate book club meetings, blog, complete a novel in the box presentation, and much, much more. Hope all of you amazing readers in grade 4 & 5 will join us for a great ride of reading this school year!  Looking forward to meeting all of you on October 31st when we will get started with our first novel and play some fun games!  See you soon!

Date:Grade 4/5 Book club will meet for the following dates:
October 31st   Get to know meeting and assign first book
November 21st   Learn about Blogging and oral presentations on “Mrs. Frisby & the Rats of NIMH”
December 12th   Present Novel in a Box assignment with the novel “The Giver”
January 30th   “The Roman, the Twelve & the King”
February 27th  “The Hobbit”
March 27th   “Call of the Wild”
April 24th   “Bridge of Terabithia” and Vote on Final Novel
May 22  Year End Wrap up

Books will be assigned starting October 31st with an awesome book called Mrs. Frisby & the Rats of NIMH.  We will be reading some classics, an amazing Christian fiction book about the Epic 7 and award winning novels

Link to sign up:

Grade 6/8 Book club will be run by Book club moderator Kari Bell.

Camp description:
Hi, my name is Kari Bell and I will be running a Virtual book club this year that will encourage students to read each day. We will meet every six weeks, via an online forum to discuss the chosen book. The students will also have an opportunity to share their ideas on a blog.

We will meet online at 1:00 Pacific Standard Time (2:00 Mountain time).  Link will be sent to registrants.

Oct 1: Camp X by Eric Walters
Nov 19: Dear Canada:Pieces of the Past.  The Holocaust Diary of Rose Rabinowitz
January 7: The Orphan King by Sigmund Brouwer
Feb 25: Enigma by Eric Walters

Book one:  Camp X by Eric Walters (Camp X is the first book in the series. Enigma the most recent book is a Red Cedar nominee)

-We will discuss the importance of a plot line and cover literary terms such as: plot, exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution, protagonist and antagonist.
-Bible integration: discussion on loyalty.
-Blog choice: Back cover of a book jacket describing just enough of the plot to get a reader interested but not enough to give the story away.

Book two: Dear Canada: Pieces of the Past.  The Holocaust Diary of Rose Rabinowitz (Red Cedar Nominee)

Bible integration: Discussion about the Holocaust and courage.

Link to register!
Reading Buddies K-3 with Pippa

Students in Kindergarten to Gr.3 and their reading buddies are encouraged to come and join Pippa Davies HCS teacher librarian share the joys of reading picture books, and inquiry based learning.  Pippa will incorporate picture books, puppets and early primary research databases (Pebble Go) to get your younger students reading, listening, learning nursery rhymes and writing their first research project based on learning outcomes in these years. Sessions will be run on  Blackboard classroom on a twice a month basis in the morning. The sessions will run for about half an hour to 40 minutes.  Set up will be the first ten minutes and then half an hour of reading time, songs and puppets.
Grab your coffee and your kids and come and read with Pippa.

 Books read will include favourites like Old Macdonald, Five Little Kittens, Promise is a Promise, Salmon Forest, and authors like Robert Munsch, Eric Carle and Jan Brett as well as some Bible favourites.

Picture books read will include Canadian, American and British fiction and non fiction.
Puppets/rhymes and songs will also be shared.

When: Wednesdays at 11:30am PT
Oct. 8, 29th, Nov. 12th, 26th, Dec 3rd. Jan. 7th and 21st, Feb. 4 and 18th.
Virtual Book Club with Kathy Kanda: Grades 8/9/10.

Join a virtual book club for Middle School students! Our first book choice is Touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikaelsen which will be discussed at our first meeting on October 20 at 1pm. Afterwards, students will vote on the club’s next book pick and then meet back 6 weeks later to discuss in skype or Google Hangouts. Members will be encouraged to interact about the book in between meetings via a private club blogging site and students will have the opportunity to win prizes at each meeting. Meetings are Oct 27, Dec 15, Jan 12, Feb 2, March 16th

Link to register for the grade 8-10 Book club.

Virtual Book club Chocolate Lily and Kate Greenway Picture Book Critique and Blogging:  Grades 4-9. With Pippa Davies, Jessie Davis (campus) and NDG School in the UK.

Details to follow in January.  This club will be in the spring.

 This information will be stored under Literacy Centre -> Student book clubs!

Bless you in all your literacy endeavours!


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