Maker-Ed Camp!

HCOS invites you to join us for Maker-ed

Camp description:
In this innovative and exciting camp, students will demonstrate how various forces can affect the movement of objects. They will demonstrate how using simple machines, including lever, wedge, pulley, ramp, and wheel can give them a mechanical advantage. Students will enjoy designing their own compound machine using the K’nex machines, experiment with alternative computer keyboards with the “Makey Makey” system, and use on-line video production with “Powtoons”.

Digital Learning Outcomes: Conceptualize, guide, and manage individual or group learning projects using digital planning tools with teacher support
Debate the effect of existing and emerging technologies on individuals, society, and the global community.
Conduct science experiments using digital instruments and measurement devices.
Create original animations or videos documenting school, community, or local events.

Please note – permission will be required on parent information page: students will be working on-line and we need parents to give consent to have students’ on Kidblog and their photos posted on-line on Kidblog. No personal info will be attached to photos or blog.

Date: Fridays, November 7- December 12
Time: 1-2:30pm
Place: Kelowna Christian Center’s ”Global Training Centre” Room (905 Badke Road, Kelowna)
Suitable for grades: 4-6
Minimum # of partcipants needed: 12
Maximum # of participants: 20
Heritage Community cost : $15
General Community cost: $20
Bring: Team work attitude and imagination

Payment and registration deadline is November 3rd.

Register here: Registration

This learning camp may be paid for with your PO number/ cash/ cheque/ credit card.

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