November 15th is I Love to Write Day!


Do you love to write? Well November 15th is for you! I Love to Write day was established in 2002 – you can read all about it here. We wanted to highlight a few of our great writing resources in our Overdrive library to help you in all your writing endeavors.

We have many Evan Moor writing resources available including:

Paragraph Writing

Paragraph Writing

Give your students the structured practice and instruction they need to become strong writers without losing the creative spirit that makes writing fun! Paragraph Writing is jam-packed with activities that provide students with practice writing narrative, descriptive, how-to, and compare and contrast paragraphs. From writing forms to web diagrams, there are a variety of activities to support students’ varied learning levels, styles, and interests.

Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Provide your students with the inspiration they need to develop the vocabulary, ideas, and enthusiasm that will make their writing shine!The new edition of Creative Writing Ideas comes with a wide variety of creative activities that can be used for prewriting and drafting or as stand-alone activities. 78 motivating activities—including draw and write, riddles, story starters, cartoons, shape books, and more—provide students with the creative spark they need to start writing with confidence and success.

Writing Poetry

Writing Poetry with Children

Explore the inspirational and imaginative world of poetry with your students! Writing Poetry with Children provides structured practice writing six types of poetry using engaging learning experiences that support students’ creative side. How-to charts help guide students through the step-by-step process of writing each type of poem. Then students bring their work to life by choosing from 30 reproducible illustrated writing forms. And since each lesson is presented at three difficulty levels, it’s easy to support all your students.

Writing Centres

Take it to your Seat Writing Centers (part of a series)

Take It to Your Seat Writing Centers, Grades 1-2 contains everything you need for 13 centers. Center activities provide practice in the writing process. These centers are ideal for small group and individual practice.Skills include editing sentences and paragraphs and writing: personal information complete sentences informational paragraphs lists rhyming poems recipes stories letters and notes questions and answers

and many more…

Check out our resources from Teacher Notebook – here are just a few:

Fall writing


Winter Writing


Fall Writing and Winter Writing

Over 80 pages of everything you need to launch some great fall writing projects! These resources work well with the writing cycle and with student choice!

All About Me

All About Me

‘All About Me-Kindergarten and First Grade’ is the perfect writing project to engage your students in at the beginning of the school year or during your Writers’ Workshop All-About Unit. Students will gain confidence in their own writing skills as they share and write about themselves on each page. You can choose which pages to have your kids create the ideal All-About Me booklet.

Writing Narratives

Writing Personal Narratives

Everyone has a story to tell! Here are some wonderful supplemental resources for your Personal Narrative Writing Workshop Unit!

Elementary Poets

Writing Poetry for Elementary Poets

Fun resources for your Poetry Unit!

Inside you will find:
Figurative Language Definition Posters: Alliteration, Onomatopoeia, Metaphor, Simile, Personification, Rhyme, Hyperbole
What I Notice About Poetry Graphic Organizer
Characteristics of Poetry Graphic Organizer
Favorite Poems Graphic Organizer
Favorite Poets Graphic Organizer
Alliteration Activity
Sensory Images Collection Activity
Personification Collection Activity
Onomatopoeia Graphic Organizer
Metaphors in Poetry Collection Activity
Similes in Poetry Collection Activity
Bio-Poem Activity
Magnetic Poetry Activity
Our Class Poetry Book Cover
Publishing Stationary for Students

Finally, enjoy these great resources with your student:

Writing Adventure Stories

Writing Adventure Stories (part of a series)

This book introduces readers to the exciting world of writing adventure stories and is a perfect resource for meeting Common Core State Standards in writing. Key features of the genre are explained and readers are guided through the process of writing their own story. Top tips are given covering planning, writing dialogue, developing characters, adding narrative plot twists, using descriptive language and more! Engaging photographs, eye-catching illustrations, and a wealth of ideas bring the genre to life. An adventure story running throughout the book draws readers in, offers concrete examples of how the tips can be put into practice and will inspire readers to get writing their own adventure stories.

I can Write about History

I Can Write a Book about… History (part of a series)

This fascinating book shows children what to include in a book about history. Students can create a book that may involve dates and events, or it may be a social history, such as life in a colonial city or a pioneer village. Suggestions for research include a visit to a nearby historic site, reading stories or watching television shows about children who lived during that time in history, and reading non-fiction books about the subject. Children can draw their own pictures or find images on the Internet of clothing, tools, craftspeople, furniture, homes, schools, and family and community life. Other options include writing an alphabet book on a historic community or focusing on one aspect, such as a family home or one-room school.

Write a Speech

How to Write and Give a Speech

Learn how to organize your ideas for a speech and how to talk in front of an audience.

Spectrum Writing

Spectrum Writing K (through to Grade 8)

Spectrum(R) Writing for kindergarten guides students through each step of the writing process as they write sentences, personal stories, descriptions, how-to instructions, book reports, and more. Spectrum(R) Writing workbooks guide students as they write for a variety of purposes, including writing to tell a story, writing to provide information, and writing to state an opinion. Lessons support current state standards. Step-by-step instructions help with planning, drafting, revising, proofreading, and sharing writing. A Writer’s Handbook reinforces grammar and language skills, and a complete Answer Key is included. Engaging, open-ended writing projects combined with standards-based learning make these workbooks an essential resource for school success. Spectrum, the best-selling workbook series, is proud to provide quality educational materials that support your students’ learning achievement and success.

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