Maker Ed Movement

Defining Maker Ed With Heritage Christian Schools

Makered Fun in the Physical commons HCS

IMG_0006 IMG_0003 ME Session 2 Fall2014 024 ME Session 2 Fall2014 006 ME in the LC Fall2014 017 ME in the LC Fall2014 015

Follow this Powtoon for a taste of what we’re up to!

We are happy to bring Maker Ed to both Campus and Distant Learning students this Fall with Grades 4, 5 and 6 participating in a variety of hands-on, collaborative activities.  We have explored force and motion science concepts with K’nex Education kits.

Students are learning about the design loop including defining a problem, building a prototype,  fair-test procedures, and documenting results.

With Makey-Makey kits, students are able to re-imagine how they might interact with everyday computers.

We learned valuable lessons about the teamwork needed to accomplish a common goal.  Learning how to think “outside-the-box”, we used everything from play-doh to bananas as keyboard keys.  We made musical stairs, played online games, and even connected alligator clips to each other!

Our final phase is working with Powtoons, an online video presentation platform.  Workplaces and teachers alike are all concerned with presentations that will impress and deliver and our Grade 4, 5 and 6 students are accomplishing video, soundtrack, and message within minutes using this platform.

We have received positive support from the University of BC Okanagan’s Education Faculty  as well as Trinity Western University.  These well respected Universities support our endeavor to have students challenged with a problem and collaboratively “making” creative, design solutions.

Our students are exploring, imagining, building, experimenting and designing.  They are challenging design concepts and using creative solutions.  Maker Ed at Heritage Christian Schools is bursting with innovation!

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