Digital Citizenship Webinar Dec 12th! Postponed!! January date coming soon!

We are very excited to bring our teacher leader Jeremy Hirsch to share a webinar on digital citizenship on December 12th Pacific time 10.30 am!  But sign in 15 minutes early to check your sound:) Jeremy will be opening the group to parents of students in all age groups.

Title: ‘Our Digital Footprint’

Description: We will take a look at the digital explosion that we are currently experiencing and what that has done to our society and our culture.  We will also look at cyber-bullying, social media, and what it means to teach our children how to leave a positive digital footprint.

Participant Link:

Collaborate for Participants


  1. Rosanne Swain says:

    Hi, Has the meeting started? The link that you emailed me is not working. Can you reference me another one?

    Blessings, Rosanne Swain


  2. hi Roseanne. Sorry the meeting was cancelled as Jeremy was not able to attend. Teachers were supposed to notify all parents etc. Sorry if you did not get the email. I will add a note to this blog.


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