LC Shipping and reminders

Happy January!  With all of the snow causing issues along with holiday season, we have a backlog of shipping!  If you are expecting items this week, they will be late. We are not able to adjust loan periods as that would have a domino affect for everyone for the rest of the year, so please plan to work with your materials to complete them and return on time.

A few timely reminders that will bless everyone:

  • If you no longer need a unit study kit or other items, please delete you booking so another family can use them. Contact us if you do not know how.
  • Please package returning items well.  In these weather conditions, items can get damaged easily.
  • Have you moved?  Please send us your new address so your shipments don’t go to your old one!  You need to contact us directly, just as you would the HCOS office for an address change. (We don’t get updates from the office.)
  • Very Important:  Please return your items on time.  If you don’t have your package ready for the courier, or are late requesting a pick up, it robs the next family of their time with the resources! (We cannot adjust loan periods.)

Thank you all for working with us to keep things in the LC working efficiently.  Our little library, (I still like that name!), is a very busy place and we work hard to get you the best resources for your children!


Shandra and Kelly

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