Makey Makey Slam!

What happens when you give Grade 7s several Makey Makey kits and 2-3 hours to discover, plan, prep and then “show-off”?  Slam!

IMG_0315IMG_0352   At first it was barely controlled chaos and slowly, as the students had time to imagine, plan and create, they found it coming together.  A few ideas just didn’t work IMG_0272out–it forced them to readjust their thinking and persevere.   IMG_0309  One key to our time with the Makey Makey kits was teamwork.  Teamwork is an essential skill and a real part of the learning when it comes to Maker Ed.  Your teammate has an idea, a solution, a question or a challenge that is important to the learning.  Learning from the ideas of others, creating new designs, perseverance through hurdles and fun is what Maker Ed looks like here.

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