Sigmund Brouwer!

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We had an amazing session with Sigmund Brouwer this morning on Blackboard. Sigmund offered his wisdom, rock and roll hook, humour, and inspiration as he talked about stories, writing and then answered our students many questions!  Feel free to ask your teacher for the recording.

Here are some great quotes from the session:

“Writing is like an envelope, the money inside is the story”

“Writing delivers the story like a guitar delivers music”

“Great stories are like great songs”

“Anytime I find a story that messes with me, I like to write it!”

You can find information on all Sigmund Brouwer’s books here.

Sigmund also offers 3 free ebooks on his site Rock & Roll Books.

Watch out for Sigmund’s next book “Saffire” set in the time during the building of the Panama Canal.


Natalie and Pippa

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