Publishers on Overdrive: Rainbow Horizons Publishing

Rainbow Horizons 1

Our next publisher to highlight is Rainbow Horizons Publishing. Rainbow Horizons has many unit study resources with many Canadian related titles. They have a wide range of units to meet our BC learning outcomes. Here is just a sample of what we have available in Overdrive:

  1. Canadian Geography
  2. Canadian Government
  3. Canadian History
  4. Literature Units
  5. Science
  6. World History

Rainbow Horizons 3

If you haven’t taken advantage of these unit studies, consider using them as one of your resources. They have comprehension questions, activity ideas, writing assignments, project suggestions and much more. Many of them include “overhead resources” that can act as a booklet to provide the background information needed for the study.

Rainbow Horizons 2

We have a total of 40 Rainbow Horizons unit studies and we will be adding more in the new school year! These studies are available in PDF ebook or Open PDF formats so they are printable for your use.

If you need help using Overdrive you can go to this help page or don’t hesitate to contact Pippa Davies at or Natalie Sing at – we would love to help you get started!  Blessings from your Learning Commons Team!!

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