Publishers on Overdrive: Teacher’s Notebook

Teacher's Notebook 1

Our next amazing publisher to highlight is Teacher’s Notebook. We have over 90 resources for you to use for your next novel study, literature unit, social studies project or science experiment write up! These resources include graphic organizers, activity suggestions, project based learning and much more. We have a variety of resources, including:

  1. Novel Studies
  2. Poetry Units
  3. Science Experiment Journals
  4. Writing Activity Packs
  5. Seasonal Materials
  6. K/1 Thematic Unit Studies (with literacy and numeracy)
  7. Social Studies Resources
  8. Educational Games

Teacher's Notebook 2

These resources are easy to use and in an Open PDF format so that they are easy to print! I hope that you will check these resources out today and see how you can incorporate them in your homeschooling experience!

Teacher's Notebook 3

If you need help using Overdrive you can go to this help page or don’t hesitate to contact Pippa Davies at or Natalie Sing at – we would love to help you get started!  Blessings from your Learning Commons Team!!

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