Summer Loans and Booking for Next Year

As we look forward to a lovely summer break there are some important dates you need to take note of.

If you have not re-enrolled, ALL library items are due back in the library by June 18th, 2015 and you cannot book items for next year.


Booking for next year:

The first open day you can book items for the new school year is September 4th. Please DO NOT book items in July or August!  We do not ship during the summer, so you will be asked to rebook!

  •  The earliest you can book an item is dependent on your homeroom, which indicates your shipping days ie. HCOS5 is 5 shipping days, (you can see your homeroom in your Profile page when logged in).
  • Add your shipping days to the 4th, which is the first open date,  to find the earliest date you can actually book an item:  ie. If you are in HCOS3 your earliest ship date would be September 7th.
  •  This works for any date you are booking for. For example, if I want to book an item for the next day, but I am in HCOS5, the system will state it is not available because it takes 5 days to ship to me.
  •  I would need to choose a date 5 days in the future. The system will offer other open dates; please be sure the option you choose is for the loan period of 49 days!
  • When booking unit study kits for the year, please remember there is a limit of 3 kits per family out at one time.
    Please do not:

    • book items back to back; we will delete the extra bookings.  An item can be renewed if no one else has a reserve on it.
    • book kits so that they DO NOT overlap with other kits, which takes you over the 3 kit limit.  We will ask you to rebook!

    We have these limits in place to ensure all of our families have equal access to the resources.


    Library loans for the summer:

    If you have re-enrolled, you have the option of taking out material over the summer:

    • Last date for ordering items for the summer is June 19th
    • All material will be due back in the library August 14th, no exceptions! We need to have all items in and ready to go for the new school year.
    • There is a limit of 30 books per family
    • And a limit of 1 unit study kit per family over the summer.
    • The library is closed for the month of July, and is on summer hours for August. We will arrange Canpar returns during the first week of August so they are received by August 14th.

    If you have any questions, please contact Shandra at


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