I Spy…a thought, a creation and an experience.

"I Spy" bulletin board

“I Spy” bulletin board

It was a regular afternoon at our Campus Learning Commons when a thought came to the librarian:  let’s use extra book jackets and create a catchy “I Spy” bulletin board.  With the help of a creative parent, the bulletin board was designed so that only pictures and limited written clues were visible.  With titles and authors hidden away, a classroom of Grade 4 students were challenged to locate the books in the Learning Commons from the clues on the bulletin board.  With 12 simple prizes raising the stakes, the place was abuzz with students toppling over each other and racing to successfully match book cover to book.  Students demonstrated intrigue, independence and investigative skills in their varied attempts to search for the selected books.

The students’ first attempts began manually using visible clues;  however, their search advanced towards higher level skills such as search engines and asking the librarian questions!  (Who would have thought!?)  It was a defining moment of observable proof that library skills had indeed been learned.  This warmed the heart and inspired the librarian to expand on this idea next year.  Alas, with one minute to go in the 1/2 hour class time, the final book was raced to the librarian’s desk and the last prize claimed.  This was just an ordinary afternoon at the Campus Learning Commons when an on-the-spot plan was created and transformed a regular classroom experience to exciting, investigative and rewarding.

–written by J Goward,  “creative parent”

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