July Learning Commons Newsletter!


Welcome to the start of summer holidays!  With all the gorgeous spring sunshine we are enjoying, maybe you are already planning out your camping and fishing trips or an exotic, wild adventure?  While you do that we would like to remind you to encourage your student’s literacy, by helping them go on their own reading adventures.  Statistics have shown that students who spend time on daily reading and math activities experience acceleration in literacy and numeric skills.  So kids go join your local public library reading club, and read fiction or non-fiction to inspire your mind,  and grow your vocabulary skills!

Find out more about accelerating literacy with Pippa’s article on Summer Reading Basics. 

Natalie shares on new Canadian historical fiction in Overdrive with her articles, part one and two.  She has linked the books to study guides for your convenience!  Find time to catch up on homeschooling and distance learning philosophies here.

Upcoming Webinar for New Patrons!

Pippa, Natalie and Shandra will host a one hour virtual Blackboard session for new learning commons patrons to HCOS on June 22nd from  10.30 am- 11.45 am. Come and hear how to find and retrieve awesome digital resources you can find in our physical and virtual learning commons. This session will be a 45 minute presentation and then 15 minutes for questions. Bring your devices!  Register here:

Fluidsurvey link

Current Awareness Newsletter with summer lesson ideas, and news on homeschooling and Magna Carta!

Updated Pages on the website!

Art Resources

Health and Career Resources.

Makered Resources.

BOOK AND CURRICULUM SALE!! The HCS Learning Commons is having a Book and Curriculum SALE on June 23rd and 24th (Tuesday and Wednesday). Drop in between 10am and 5pm to check out the great deals and FREE items! And you can pay with your PO number! We are located at 907 Badke RD in Kelowna (campus school building). We are also adding to our Book Sale Google doc, so if you are from out-of-town, you can still check out the deals! Adding more items daily, so check back often!
Book Sale Document


Do you use Sonlight curriculum, or just love their book lists? Well, we have purchased their Core program books for both the L4U library and Overdrive E-books! So if we don’t have the physical book, you can check for the e-book. What a great way to inspire your children with great reading, and save money too!


At this time, patrons cannot renew their items online. L4U is working on the problem. Please contact Shandra or Kelly to renew your items.

The physical commons will be closed for most of July but we look forward to helping you in August!

Blessings and joy to you and your families for the summer holidays!


  1. I’m excited to use Sonlight’s core books–I love their book recommendations and we’ve used a LOT of them in the past. Thanks HCOS for getting those excellent resources!


  2. Welcome Sarah! You can get started now with some of them in Overdrive E library which is available 24/7/ Contact Pippa or Natalie if you need help getting started. Thanks for your comment. We try to purchase materials that will bless our families 🙂


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