L4U and Overdrive Access

Hello Folks!

As the new year begins, many of you are asking for access to L4U and Overdrive. Here are some important notes regarding your client codes and pins:

If you are new to HCOS:

  • Client codes/pins are sent out at the beginning of the month; in September we will also do a mid-month import. Please be patient as we have many new families to add!
  • The email comes from L4U, so check your junk folder as it often ends up there!
  • If you have lost your info, or if you have moved:

  • Send me your name, address and phone number so I can update your account. Please note that if you move and change your address with the HCOS office, you still have to contact the library to make the address change. Our systems do not connect so we don’t get automatic updates.
  • Once you have your client codes/pins, please review the tutorials on our website under How Do I? We are happy to walk you through the process of booking over the phone, but September is a very busy month and it may be faster to access the tutorials.

    How to Access L4U

    Please contact Kelly Wiebe for shipping information shipping@heritagechristian.ca

    Shandra Wiebe for account and curriculum information swiebe@onlineschool.ca

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