September Newsletter in the Learning Commons

Wow September has flown by and Fall is officially here!  We hope your return to school has been fun and exciting.  The learning commons team has been hard at work trying to find you the resources you need, and if you are still stuck please Skype with Natalie, Pippa, Beth or Shandra for your own personal screen share.  If you need help getting started don’t forget our contact us email information may be found here.

As our students get back in front of the computer for longer stretches of the day it is important to stretch and move every twenty minutes.  Here is an educational video  on ergonomics from TechQuickie for your family to watch.

  • Learning commons training.

Recently Natalie and Pippa shared in a seminar on how to get going with L4U catalogue, shipping and using our E Library.  To access this recording all other training seminars please go to this page here.  We will be updating this page with our Lunch n Learn seminars.

  • Events in the Learning Commons.
  1. Scoopit and Curation webinar  Come and learn how to surf the web and archive with ease in this virtual workshop with Pippa Davies on Wed 30th Sep @ 11 .
  2. Fall MakerEd Open Houses. These open houses are free for all students in all grades and take place in the campus learning commons every second Friday in October and throughout the year.    Our MakerEd library specialist Jessie Davis will be running these open houses.
  3. Lunch n Learn webinar with Natalie, Beth and Pippa on October 16th at 12pm.  Introduction to all our Subscription Databases.

Click on this link to use the classroom:

Book clubs are starting soon!  To find out more go to our book club page for sign up details shortly.

  • Events on Ning:

a.  Learning commons Logo Contest

b.  Mentor and Protege Group (accreditation provided)  For more on what the course offers check out this google doc and contact Pippa for more information.

c.  HCOS Chapel group with weekly meetings.  James Nelson is our school chaplain.

d.  FMT forum moderation team sign up page. (grades 10-12)  Erin Duncan is our Forum and Ning moderator.

If you cannot access these please contact Erin Duncan for your email invite:

  • Physical Workshop in the Lower mainland for patrons wishing to know more about the learning commons.


Come and find out about the HCOS Learning Commons and the Online Subscriptions that HCOS offers our families.

Date: Tuesday, October 13th

Time: 1-3 pm

Place: Abby E-Free Church (33218 Marshall Rd, Abbotsford)

Highlighting the Subscription Databases.

This year we have two new subscriptions:  Peekapak and MathSeeds.

To find out more how to use these subscriptions go to these pages for the pilot Peekapak and MathSeeds. To gain access contact your teacher for username and passwords, or the links, to get you going.

Also this year we have a special pricing code for students wanting MathBuddies a supplementary program for Singapore math users.  Contact Beth Johnson if you need further help.


Pippa and the learning commons team!

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