Photographic Contest winners!


Drum roll for our Ning Photographic winners please! Thank you to all our contestants.  Your artistic creations were mesmerizing.  Check out the gallery soon on Ning for a complete sharing of all participants.

Also big thanks to our judges Lara Merz and Natasha for judging,  along with our students who shared the popular vote!

First Place goes to Jadiel Louw grade 8 student for her Pumpkins and Flowers pic.

The pumpkin in the flowers is really pretty and it is clear and crisp and well composed.

1st Jadiel Louw

Second place goes to Acacia Mitchell for her Red Berries pic.  I love the colours on this one and how it just feels like Harvest.  Also it is crisp, well composed,  and she demonstrated a good use of ‘Bokeh’ and technique.

Acacia 2nd place berriesuse pic1

Third place goes to Jenna Stewart for her  Cat at Fall~ This picture just has a great feel, warm colours, and good emotion.

Jenna Stewart 3rd place cat

Fourth place goes to Melody Brocke for her Berry pic.  Lovely contrast in colours, good focus on a subject that is not centred, crisp details on the berries and stems. Looks almost like a Christmas card.  

Melody 4th berry_edited

Honourable mentions to the following pics in order:

Levi behind bars by Acacia- metaphorical symbolism.

Pumpkins in a Puddle by Jadiel

Sunset spider by Jenna

Forest Mushrooms by Kiara.

Honorable Mention Acacia levibehindbars


To view more of the contestants images go to the Ning group here.  If you are not on Ning contact Erin Duncan via email for your invite.


Erin, Pippa and the learning commons team!


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