January newsletter!

Greetings fellow learning commons friends!

Happy New Year!

2016 is here and we are excited to share all things literacy and research with you this month!  As students enjoy reading and writing during the cold and snowy days ahead we have some great tools, events and webinars for you to enjoy.

Pippa shares on setting goals with the new book One Word (available on Overdrive)

To encourage all of our students we have our Diversify your Reading promotion happening.  Read about it here.  Find your special reads from this hand picked list from Overdrive.  Contact Shandra for more details.

Lunch n Learn webinars include learning about research and Google docs for high school and parents, and an introduction to the learning commons.  Read more about these here.

Book club News!  Kathy Kanda’s amazing Lit circles are back this term.  Sign up your grade 7-9  students to read some awesome books like Perilous Passage and The Hangman in the Mirror and The Door in the Wall!  Follow this link.

News from the Physical commons and Shandra on early literacy education.

As we head into Winter Natalie has some e and audio ideas for sharing in regards to Winter reading..

Catch up on latest web links curated for you here.

News from the campus and all things MakerEd.


Blessings from the learning commons team!

Pippa et al


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