New Digital Kindergarten Kits available now for the New BCEDPlan

Kindergarten Kits

We are so excited in the Learning Commons to offer you the first kits based on the new BCEDPlan. We have completed Kindergarten and are just bursting to share them with you! These kits are much more open ended and allow for student and parent choice. There are many fiction and non-fiction suggestions, video suggestions (from Discovery and Learn 360), hands on projects and activity ideas along with ways to use our other subscriptions.

We have added many new titles to our Overdrive library to make these kits interesting, engaging and an exciting learning experience for you and your children. They include integrated Biblical content, First People’s content and many of the Curricular Competencies for both Science or Social Studies and Language Arts.

Even if you don’t have a student in Kindergarten next year you may want to look at the new format. I think you will find these kits amazing – when we have each grade ready to go we will let you know via our blog. If you haven’t signed up to follow our blog now would be a great time!

Here are links to all of the Kindergarten Kits:

Communities Kindergarten 510x680

Communities – Kindergarten (using Overdrive Resources)

Daily and Seasonal Changes Cover

Daily and Seasonal Changes – Kindergarten (using Overdrive Resources)

Personal and Family History

Family and Personal History – Kindergarten (using Overdrive Resources)

Needs of Plants and Animals Kindergarten 510x680

Needs of Plants and Animals – Kindergarten (using Overdrive Resources)

Motion of Objects - Kindergarten 510x680

Motion of Objects – Kindergarten (using Overdrive Resources)

Thanks to our kit writer Rachael Freed and the whole Learning Commons team for their great work! Stay tuned for more Digital and Physical kit guides coming soon! Blessings!!

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