Classroom Complete Press Unit Studies – Inquiry and Project Based available in Overdrive

We have added many titles from Classroom Complete Press to Overdrive and these will work very well for your students learning about topics from Water Conservation to World Politics and many, many more!  At present we have Science Units, Social Studies Units and Literature Kits for all grades.

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To find Classroom Complete Press in Overdrive E Library just use the words Classroom Complete Press in the search bar and all of the available titles will show up.  Or go to the Non fiction tab under Subjects and refine your search by publisher.

Now, let us tell you why we prefer these workbooks as opposed to others.

First of all, they are on subjects and topics that meet many of the new BCEDPlan curriculum content. These include many Environmental Awareness and Sustainability, World Conflicts and Social Justice issues.

Second they have great inquiry based questions that your student can answer themselves through their own research. There are many questions that require your student to dig a little deeper and give an opinion based on their own thoughts and research.

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Third they have both Assessment Rubrics and Bloom’s Taxonomy correlations in each of the units. This will allow you to have a sense of your student’s progress and where you want to focus your efforts.

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Fourth they include Graphic Organizers and Hands on Experiments and Activities. Many of the Activities include a choice from the student of what and how they would like to present the information they have learned. They also include more traditional vocabulary activities, comprehension questions and all of the information to learn about the basics of the topic.

Finally, for you a great benefit is that we have the digital rights for printing under copyright rules! Many of them come in the Overdrive Read or PDF Ebook formats for ease in downloading and printing.

We urge you to check out these unit studies today! If you need some help getting started with Overdrive, please feel free to email Pippa at or Natalie at

Blessings! The Learning Common’s Team

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