Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Myths and Legends


Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

In February is Wilhelm Grimm’s Birthday. What a great time to take a look at all of the Fairy Tale, Folk Tale, Myth and Legend resources we have in Overdrive. We have audiobooks and ebooks, picture books and printable resources for you to explore!

The full collection of these resources is in our Teacher’s Lounge where we highlight for you our themed resources. Here are just a few for you to take a peek at:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We also have many other resources for you in our many subscriptions and online databases. Discovery Education has the entire Rabbit Ears collection filled with Folk and Fairy Tales. They also have Fairy Tales Classics, Folk Tales from Around the World and the Myths and Legends series. Learn 360 includes many Weston Woods titles, Draw Me a Story titles and many videos based on Myths. Enchanted Learning has activities based on several Fairy Tales or Folk Tales.

Another great resource for Fairy Tales, Folk Tales, Myths and Legends is this board on Pinterest with STEM ideas, Art projects and printable resources.

Blessings from your Learning Commons Team!

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