Tynker: Coding Subscription

Are you one of the families who has been excited to start your students learning computer coding?  Programming?  JavaScript?  Then you’ll be happy to hear that we have just purchased the use of Tynker for our students.  https://www.tynker.com/

This subscription is described as “The Easiest Way to Learn Programming”, and “Learn to Code with Tynker”.  Tynker’s online course provides a complete learning system with interactive exercises, guided tutorials, fun creativity tools, puzzles and more to make programming fun.  Whether students have worked with coding before, or are complete beginners, there is something for each one.

Because coding or programming will be part of the new BC Education Plan in the fall, we’re preparing to make Tynker available for our HCOS families.   With Tynker, you can begin enjoying some of the amazing adventures to come through these new educational initiatives.


To sign up your student, please fill in the FluidSurvey at Tynker 2015-16.


  1. This looks awesome! My kids will love playing this ‘for school’. 🙂


    • Thanks, Sarah. I think a lot of kids will really enjoy it. It seems like most kids want to be able to make their own video games, etc. and this site will give them the tools to do so, having fun while they learn how.

      It also introduces them to Java Script in a non-threatening way. That’s something they’ll use in any programming situation. By starting with little “bites” and working with them, students learn away more than they realize!


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