Professional Development

As we head into a new exciting year with curriculum changes you may want to get a head start on reading up on some wonderful educational pedagogy.  Some of these teaching practices may already be embedded in your daily schooling.  But if not here are some materials we have purchased for your professional development.  Most of these books are available on Overdrive E Library.

They include

The Maker Manifesto: Mark Hatch (Maker education)

Living at the Crossroads:  Michael Goheen (Christian worldview)

Rethinking Grading:  ACSD  Cathy Vatterott (assessment styles)

The Element:  Ken Robinson (personalized learning)

A More Beautiful Question: Warren Berger (Inquiry)

The Montessori Method:  Maria Montessori (Project Based Learning)

Growing Up Online:  NBC News (online safety)

Story Stretchers:  Shirley Raines (primary reading and activities)

Every Child Can Succeed:  Cynthia Tobias (learning styles)

We also have a copy of Invent to Learn:  Sylvia Martinez in print via L4U catalogue. (Maker Education)

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