Get ready for STEAM mentoring!

Our school believes in discipleship and mentoring whether by parent/teacher to student, student to student or teacher to teacher.  This is part of our HCOS  vision and mission statement.  As teachers and as parents we can mentor our students, guiding them along the way with discipleship, and encouraging Biblical worldview in all of their educational pursuits.

Many of you may have heard about our MakerEd sessions or been involved in one in the last year or two where teachers, parents and students learn hands on with project based ideas and technology.  We want this to grow in our schools to help prepare our students for the future world,   one in which science, technology, engineering, art and math become one inter-disciplinary approach to define problem solving.

This spring we are training Mentor teachers to become leaders in STEAM to coincide with the new BC curriculum which calls for an inquiry approach using project based learning and different methods of Inquiry .

 Shelley Wright, Kathy Kanda, Steve Bastian, Mark Lamden, Shannon Beglaw and Kathy Whittome will rise to the challenge in each of their prospective areas to bring STEAM learning workshops and mentoring groups to your area in BC.  Jessie Davis will continue to lead in the learning commons in Kelowna with MakerEd open houses on a monthly basis.  Each STEAM leader will work to bring your students passions and beliefs to the fore in their learning, and will provide mentoring to parents, teachers and students in their communities via blog or email.

In the fall we are looking forward to launching and adding to the following camps via our learning groups!

  • Genius Hour virtual camps
  • Virtual Book clubs with a Lit circle and Inquiry focus
  • Traveling workshops
  • MakerEd workshops
  • Flite programs
  • Robotics programs

Get ready to LAUNCH off with STEAM learning in your community September 2016!


Blessings to you and yours!

Pippa Davies and learning commons team.

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