Issues with L4U/Overdrive

Dear Families,

As you know, our last patron import caused major issues in our L4U system. There has been a domino effect due to how L4U and Overdrive are connected and use the same passwords, and with bookings in L4U.

We apologize for this inconvenience and we appreciate your patience as we work towards solutions. We all know what it’s like to deal with computer issues and sometimes the solution to fix the problem is drastic.  I recently returned from a vacation and found that our personal computer died. It simply would not turn on. The only solution was a new computer!

Our solution to the issues with L4U/Overdrive is to start with a clean slate.  Everyone will receive new accounts and new client codes and new pins.

No new accounts will be set up and no access will be given until the imports are done.

All items out at this time must be shipped back no later than June 20th. Please contact Kelly to arrange shipping and avoid fines! Kelly:

Here is our timeline:

May 25th – all HCOS students will receive new account information. Please check your email junk folder as the information comes from L4U, not from the Learning Commons. Students will be able to access Overdrive only.

June 1st – all parent accounts will receive new account information. Please check your email junk folder as the information comes from L4U, not from the Learning Commons. Now, I know it’s hard to be patient, but here is the good news:

  • You do not need to email us when you re-enroll your students as they will be updated automatically
  • Your expiry date will be for June 10th, 2017, so you can book for the summer and for the new school year. *Except unit study kits, which will not be available until August 15th.
  • Book your items for the summer by June 17th and they will be shipped the following week. 

When you receive your new account information, all items out on Overdrive/L4U will no longer show up on your account or be accessible.

  • For L4U, please contact Kelly regarding items out.
  • For Overdrive, you will need to take out the books on your new account.

As we are very busy working on resolving the issues, please do not email asking for temporary access as we cannot give it.  We will send another email on the day we send out the new client codes and pins, which your teachers will forward to you.  This email will include further instructions on how to use both L4U and Overdrive.   Again, thank you for your patience!


Shandra Wiebe

Library Resource Administrator

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