More Perfect Pairs, Terrific Trios and Quaint Quartets – Fiction, Non-Fiction and Learn 360 Videos for you to Explore with Your Students!

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We have some more great options for you to combine Overdrive fiction, non-fiction and Learn 360 video to create great opportunities for your students learning. Have you used some great fiction and non fiction together before?  Sharing fiction and non-fiction genre together allows our students to understand the differences/similarities between fiction and non-fiction.  It also helps our students develop an idea about what is a fact, and what is an opinion.  This really consolidates critical thinking in the early grades.  What perfect pairs, terrific trios or even quaint quartets stand out for you as great studies? Maybe you have some great project ideas to go with the themes below? We would love to hear about them! 

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Baby Owls Rescue

What if you found a baby owl in your backyard? Would you know what to do? Where would you go to find help? Join young Maddie and Max as they learn a valuable lesson from a little lost owl in Baby Owl’s Rescue by Jennifer Keats Curtis. The brother and sister pair just wanted to play baseball one day. They never expected to come face-to-face with a wild animal! Lush illustrations by Laura Jacques accompany this story and demonstrate the proper treatment of wildlife. This story reminds all of us that we live in a world surrounded by wild animals, and those wild animals deserve our caution and our respect!

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The Barn Owls

Tony Johnston’s THE BARN OWLS recalls in quiet tones the memory of a barn that has stood alone in a wheat field for one hundred years at least. The owls have nested there and have hunted in the fields and circled in the night skies as time slowly slipped by. Every night, as the moon rises, a barn owl awakens and flies out to hunt. Feathered against the endless starry night, he swoops and sails to the darkened wheat field below and catches a mouse in his nimble talons. With outstretched wings, this barn owl returns to his barn nest and his hungry family, repeating the ageless ritual his ancestors have practiced here, in this barn, for at least one hundred years. Following the life cycle of the barn owl, this gentle poem evokes a sense of warm sunshine and envelopes readers with the memory of the scent of a wheat field.

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How do owls find their way in the dark? What do they eat? What is a baby owl called? Find out the answers to these questions and many more in this easy to read guide with stunning photographs.

Owl (Learn 360 Video)

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Big City Bees

Vivid writing and luminous art combine to tell a modern story that introduces young readers to the wonders of bees For city kids like Sophie and Matthew, growing pumpkins is a big thrill. But they’re worried. They know they need bees to make their pumpkins grow. But will the bees find their garden? Are there even bees in the city? So one day, Grandpa and the children set out to look for bees. They arrive downtown just in time to see something amazing: a buzzing ball of bees hovers from the branch of a nearby tree. And high on the terrace of a towering hotel are four brightly coloured beehives! For Matthew and Sophie, this is the beginning of an exciting adventure. All summer they tend their plants, eagerly watching as their seeds sprout and turn into shoots, then vines and leaves. But they’re still worried. Will the bees come when they’re needed? Finally, the golden pumpkin flowers appear among the leaves. The female flowers will be open for just one day, and Matthew and Sophie arrive at the garden early in the morning to wait and watch. Will the bees arrive in time to pollinate the plants?

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Bumblebee Queen

As early morning fog surrounds a single bird feeder, the first two feathered guests arrive for their meal. Count a total of twenty colorful backyard birds as they gather to crack seeds at the feeder while a cunning cat lurks below.

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Inside the Bees Hive

Hundreds of buzzing worker honeybees build a yellow structure called a comb inside a tree trunk. The comb is made up of many small, six-sided rooms that the bees make out of wax. These rooms, called cells, will be used to hold baby bees and sweet, gooey honey. Welcome to the bees’ hive! Clear text and colorful photos and diagrams will engage young readers as they explore the habitat, physical characteristics, diet, and behavior of these curious creatures. Age-appropriate activities and critical-thinking questions give readers an opportunity to make observations and gain valuable insights.

This is Daniel Cook Learning about Bee Keeping (Learn 360 video)

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The Busy Beaver

The busy but careless beaver spends his days following random impulses, rarely thinking things through and leaving in his wake a devastated forest filled with stumps, half-nibbled trees and injured, homeless animals. But then one day the beaver finds himself on the wrong side of a falling tree, which as it turns out, is just the thing to knock some sense into him. After reflecting on his behavior, he decides to make some changes. Soon, the now wiser and gentler beaver is getting down to the business of making things right, much to the delighted surprise of his forest friends. This charming story from the creator of Big Bear Hug and Making the Moose Out of Life gently teaches youngsters how to take care with others, as well as the world around us.

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Beavers gnaw on tree trunks until trees break in half and fall down! Then these busy builders pile wood, mud, and rocks in water to make dams and lodges. Young readers will enjoy learning how beavers use their teeth, paddle through water, and build safe homes.

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The First Beaver

This is the story of how the first beaver came to be. It tells of a young girl, Reedee, who is born with hair the colour of Mother Earth, not the colour of Raven like the rest of her people. It isn’t just her hair that sets Reedee apart: at night, when everyone else sleeps, Reedee disappears into the forest. Her parents are dismayed, but when they learn that Reedee has a path she must follow on her own, they support her and allow her to become her true self.

Caroll Simpson’s charming tale and vivid colour paintings depict the world of the First Peoples of the Pacific Northwest and encourage young readers to find and honour their true selves, just like Reedee did. The book includes a glossary of crests and their significance in First Nations culture.

Beaver (Learn 360 Video)

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The Dory Story

Be prepared for a few surprises when Danny ventures out into the bay in his dory.

Although taking the dory out solo is strictly forbidden, Danny cannot resist the calm waters of the bay. And that’s where the adventure begins. He thinks rowing into a school of bluefish is trouble enough, but wait until the whales enter the picture. Danny encounters one sea creature after another and learns about the ocean food chain in the process. Just when you think you know what’s going to happen next, the story takes an unexpected twist.

With brilliant and vibrant illustrations, readers will feel the excitement of being out on the water surrounded by ocean creatures. The life and the life cycle of the ocean will fascinate young readers.

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Here Come the Humpbacks

In this latest book by acclaimed science writer April Pulley Sayre, young readers follow along as a mother humpback whale and her calf make their annual trek from the warm waters of the Caribbean to their summer feeding grounds off the coast of New England and back again. Within this extraordinary story of migration, Sayre provides information about how humpback whales breathe, sing, and how they got their name—a secondary layer of text expands upon the more intricate details. But aside from the basics about the humpback whale species, HERE COME THE HUMPBACKS! also delves into the dangers these whales face—from other mammals and sea life such as hungry orcas, to man-made threats like pollution and giant ships. Jamie Hogan’s stunning, rich pastel illustrations complement Sayre’s text beautifully, and make this book a great choice for a read-aloud in the classroom, library, or at home.

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Humphrey the Lost Whale

Wrong-way Humphrey is saved after swimming into San Francisco bay.

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Oceans Alive: Whales

Whales are giant sea creatures capable of performing amazing acrobatics! They groan and sing to talk to each other. This books lets children look closely at the life and behavior of whales.

Humphrey the Lost Whale: Reading Rainbow (Learn 360 Video)

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The Girl Who Loved Horses (audio)

“In Paul Goble’s Caldecott-winning story, tending to the horses is the special pleasure of one young girl in the village…As narrator, Lance White Magpie sets an expectant tone…his voice becomes one of confidence and satisfaction when the young girl finds her place beside the spotted stallion. Gentle music surrounds the story. Chants and songs from Sioux and Navaho traditions complete the recording.”

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100 Facts about Horses and Ponies

100 Facts Horses & Ponies presents in stunning detail the real facts about the equestrian world, from basic horse and pony care through to breeds, history and habitats. Exactly 100 facts accompanied by detailed photographs and beautiful artwork will challenge children, acting as an incentive as they make their way through the ebook. Projects to make and do, hilarious facts and brilliantly drawn cartoons add an extra element of fun. Add a detailed index, and 100 Facts has all the ingredients for a perfect introduction to this truly fascinating topic.

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Horses and Ponies

Learn all about horses and ponies with Discovery Kids! Packed with action-packed full color photographs, fun facts, a cool quiz, and a glossary, this reader is perfect for helping kids learn about animals in a fun and vibrant manner. Developed with the help of educational experts and ideal for ages 4-8, this Discovery Kids reader is a great introduction to children’s non-fiction.

This is Emily Yeung Taking Care of Horses (Learn 360 Video)

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The Little Rabbit

Full-color photographs. “The warm, cuddly world of a real rabbit family is introduced to young readers in enchanting photographs.”

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A rabbit’s teeth grow up to 4 inches (10 centimeters) every year. Their eyes allow them to see almost 360 degrees. These engaging facts and more are waiting to be discovered in Rabbits, an Animals in My Backyard book. This is an AV2 media enhanced book. A unique book code printed on page 2 unlocks multimedia content. This book comes alive with video, audio, weblinks, slide shows, activities, hands-on experiments, and much more.

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The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Once upon a time there were four little Rabbits, and their names were — Flopsy, Mopsy, Cotton-tail, and Peter. Mischievous and disobedient young Peter Rabbit is chased about the garden of Mr. McGregor. He escapes and returns home to his mother Mrs. Rabbit who puts him to bed after dosing him with camomile tea.

Rabbit (Learn360 Video)

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Over and Under the Snow

Over the snow, the world is hushed and white. But under the snow exists a secret kingdom of squirrels and snow hares, bears and bullfrogs, and many other animals that live through the winter safe and warm, awake and busy, under the snow. Discover the wonder and activity that lies beneath winter s snowy landscape in this magical book.

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Do Polar Bears Snooze in Hollow Trees?

Animals All Around-A question-and-answer format combines with colorful art for read-aloud fun. Introduce children to fascinating facts and beginning biology comprehension.

What is Hibernation (Learn 360 Video)

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From the power plant all the way to your house, electricity is on the move! In rhythmic text, Anastasia Suen breaks the complex subject of electricity down to its essential parts. Paul Carrick’s brilliant, three-dimensional illustrations crackle with energy.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 11.12.43 AM

All Charged Up – A Look at Electricity

Lightning streaks across the sky. A lamp lights up a room. Electricity is all around you. But where does electricity come from? And how do we bring it into our homes? Read this book to find out!

Using Electricity (Learn 360 Video)

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