Grade 3 Digital Kits Completed!!

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All of our Grade 3 Digital Unit Study kits (using Overdrive resources, subscriptions and a wide variety of activity ideas) are now available for download in the Learning Commons!

You can find them all on this page.

Or Individually here:

Social Studies:

Indigenous People of Canada

Indigenous People Around the World


All Matter is Made of Particles

Biodiversity and Ecosystems

Landforms and Erosion

Thermal Energy


  1. I was looking over the new Gr 3 digital kits and was interested in Kidblog. Will HCOS have an Admin Pro account or will I need to purchase my own account and set it up myself. Would I be the teacher and my supervising teacher be given parent access or would I ask my teacher to work with me to set up a basic account? thanks.


    • Hi Laura
      I have a teacher account and can add you if you like? Or you can ask your teacher to activate an account under her/his name. Email me and I will respond today. 🙂


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