Summer Reading News

Why is summer reading so important?  How do we keep our students in tune with literacy all through those hazy, lazy summer days?

Research consistently shows that students who are engaged in literacy events will not miss a beat when schooling starts in the fall.  We would love to keep our students reading skills strong and resist the summer loss.

How do we encourage our students to engage in literacy?

  • Free public library events such as reading programs which run throughout the summer.  This will encourage reading habits.  Readers who use their public library before the age of 6 think positively about themselves as independent readers.
  • Emerging readers should be encouraged to read using HCS Overdrive E Library which is open all summer long.  Our new read-along text and listen based picture books will encourage reading for students who are not yet reading.  Check out the curated picture books.
  • Students of different ages might enjoy listening to audiobooks.  We have a growing collection on Overdrive e library.
  • Parents read stories about a place you might visit during the summer, to prepare your students before you visit.
  • Before you go to the movies read the book based on the movie.
  • Reading incentive programs in your own home are also a good idea.  This keeps students motivated with reading.  However we want students to love reading and be intrinsically motivated to read for pleasure.  So discovering your student’s reading passions or genre is also a great way to bond and share reading interests.
  • Enjoy a GeniusHour project over the summer to discover your student’s passions and interests. Finding something that interests your student inevitably leads to researching via non fiction books.
  • Discover some of our awesome subscription databases for younger students to help them discover more about their interests.  Pebble Go, WorldBook and RightNowMedia for some awesome spots to research and study.
  • Teach your students to do book reviews using sites like CommonSense
  • If you have a student who is behind their reading level be sure to get some goals to read over the summer.  Contact your teacher to discuss these goals.
  • Play literacy games and enjoy learning about a new sport/video game by reading the book/manual first.
  • High Schoolers read your novels for English Language Arts now!

Blessings on your reading this summer!  Thank you for your patronage this year!  See you all in August for a new school year 🙂





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