A Peek at New Kits!

How is your summer going? Lots of beach time, travel, visitors?  I hope it’s relaxing and rejuvenating for you and your family.  It’s hard to believe we are already into August!  Our Learning Commons team has been busy…very busy!  Preparing new kits and adding new resources to meet the new outcomes.  Here’s just a peek at few of the Kindergarten to Grade 3 units we now have on the shelves!  So EXCITING!!


You can view and download the parent guides in L4U  or on our web page: Unit Studies by Grade. We are adding more units so watch for more updates!

We will open bookings on Monday, August 15th!





  1. Hi! I really appreciate the unit study kits, both digital and physical. The new kits no longer have a schedule or time table so that there is more freedom in using them which is good. But I am a planner and like to know how many days a project will take, how long a book will take to read, how long a video is so that I can plan how and when we will tackle those activities. It would be helpful if in future kits you could give a time estimate for the activities and the video segment lengths. My thinking is that the author of the parent guide is looking at these already so adding a little note for time allotment wouldn’t add too much more work and would make the kits easier to use for scheduling purposes. I appreciate the time and effort that is put into them and thank you for making my life easier!

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  2. Hey! I have read through the grade 3 kits (not books yet) and they look wonderful and fun. Thank you guys so much for making this so easy and exciting for us! Lori


  3. shandrawiebe says:

    Glad you like the kits, Lori!


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