New School Year, New Goals!

Welcome back to a new school year, one which brings new meaning and HOPE  to our students and their learning, as we embrace Christian Education and the new BC curriculum.  We hope that students will be blessed with more choice to study using their unique gifts and learning style, have more opportunities for STEM and hands-on learning, and find more ways to interact on the global stage as an HCOS disciple of Christ.

HCS learning commons is excited to offer many wonderful and unique ways for your students to learn how to research, design, and innovate, whether it be from web links, digital books, subscriptions or physical kits.  Our team has been working hard to provide the right tool for your elementary student and high school student!


Here are some ways students can connect/learn with other students in elementary school via the learning commons.  When you enrol with our school you will receive passwords which will help you log onto Overdrive and L4U; these include the Marc records to all our amazing media and resources.  Should you need more information contact Shandra Wiebe, and she will help you get started.  You can watch training videos on this page here, which will help update you on the new curriculum, or the different types of technology used.

  1.  Collaborate and learn more about Inquiry with our Inquiry-based book clubs. They will be advertised shortly on the learning groups page and also here.  This year we have  wonderful moderators:  April Mcleod  (Gr 5,6,),along with me, Pippa Davies (Gr K-3) and (gr7/8).
  2. Learn about inquiry and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) with our NEW curriculum guides for K-5. Watch this page for upcoming published kits.  Gr 6-9 will be completed later this year.  These kits will help students learn how to research and plan some projects for the year in science and social studies, and other cross disciplines.  They allow for student choice and independent learning.
  3. Learn more about digital citizenship, research and online safety with our digital citizenship kits.  Check out some research resources under Elementary K-7.
  4. Use our online forums (Moodle) where students can interact with other students in grades 5-7. Contact Erin Duncan for more information.
  5. Join in contests on Ning and also in the Read-A-Thon in January.  All of these contests promote multiple literacies and creative communication as a global citizen.
  6. Contact the STEAM mentor in your area to discover more on design thinking.
  7. Contact Natalie Sing to find curriculum for your student in elementary.
  8. Contact Pippa Davies and work on a research project together.
  9. Contact Beth Johnson to discover subscriptions which meet the Inquiry and STEM/Designer model.  Explora, World Book and Tynker are just a few subscriptions that will help your student focus on research and STEM learning.


  1.  Learn more about Inquiry with book club moderator, Kathy Kanda, as she teaches gr 8-12 students how to think critically. Her book clubs, taking place in second semester, will use Lit circles as an approach.   Details about book clubs will be advertised on the learning group page here.
  2.  Click on our Grad page for updated information on the new curriculum to be implemented in Sep 2017 (under construction).  Inquiry kits for grades 8/9 (inter-disciplinary) will be forthcoming in January 2017.
  3. Learn more about digital citizenship, research and online safety with our digital citizenship kits for gr 8/9.  Find these on this page with more information about research.
  4. Join our online forums on Moodle or create your own personal learning network on Ning where you can blog, enjoy social media and share your music, thoughts and pics!  Contact Erin Duncan for an invitation to these platforms, where you can learn about digital citizenship authentically.  Participate in contests and find out more about the learning commons resources.
  5. Contact the STEAM mentor in your area via this page here.
  6. Contact Natalie Sing to find out about curriculum.
  7. Contact Pippa Davies to work on a project together, or learn how to access the Overdrive eLibrary.
  8. Contact Shandra Wiebe to find physical resources for your student in L4U.
  9. Contact Beth Johnson to discover how subscriptions align with the new BC Ed Plan. Explora, World Book, Learn360 and are all wonderful tools to help you discover more about research and writing.

We pray that the start to your school year will be a blessed time of reconnecting with friends, using our educational resources and enjoying some amazing learning!  We are here to help you, so don’t feel shy to ask questions at our Ask Us reference desk.  If you follow us on our learning commons website you will be sure to get constant updates!


Blessings from your learning commons team,

Pippa 😀

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