Digital Safety

As we start our school year it is important to teach our K-12 students about digital safety.  If we teach digital citizenship skills when our students are young they will incorporate healthy boundaries when using technology, and make smart choices online.  To make this less daunting for you we have some amazing resources in our learning commons!

Online safety.png

Passport to the Internet is a wonderful way to educate our students in grades 4-7.

This interactive tutorial teaches students the critical thinking skills they need to apply to their online experiences, including online safety, authenticating online information, recognizing online marketing ploys, protecting their privacy, managing online relationships and dealing with cyberbullying.  Contact your teacher to get started with this free ERAC subscription or Beth Johnson in the learning commons.

Top Secret is a fun game for students in grades 6-8 to learn about online privacy.

This interactive narrated tutorial teaches students about the benefits and drawbacks of sharing information online. Students give their opinion about what the characters in the story should do about their privacy dilemmas, from posting photos to buying music online, and they receive feedback on their responses as the story unfolds.

Further tutorials from MediaSmarts may be found here.

CommonSense has lots of great ideas to help our students get started!  Student activity sheets, media logs and quizzes will help introduce the topic in a family friendly way. Teachers and families will like the scope and sequence laid out for students in grades K-12 here.

CommonSense also has  My Digital Passport for grades 3-5.

HCS Learning commons has also put together some awesome digital citizenship kits and research ideas on this page.

Overdrive e library has several books on research and digital safety.  One example is Raising a Digital Child; by Mark Ribble.  This book explores the digital world our students live in with easy to understand parent language. Contact Pippa if you need details on how to access.

Here is our school Internet policy.

During the school year we will host some webinars around digital safety.  Make sure to get your students signed up:)

Blessings on the wonderful journey of  digital citizenship!  Feel free to contact us if you have questions.

Pippa and the lc team.



  1. Karen Pearson says:

    Hello, My daughter, Katie. is in Grade 5 and is working on the Digital Citizenship & Bullying Kit. She is loving the Carnegie Cyber Academy and I am wondering if you can recommend other games like this that she might enjoy that deal with different subjects.

    Thanks, Karen

    Pearson’s Pork and Poultry Free Range, Non-GMO Eggs Pork by the side Pasture Raised, Non-GMO Chickens



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