STEAM and Book Clubs

This week we started our K-3 STEAM Reading Buddies class with much excitement.  Our students came from all over the province and beyond to learn how to become design thinkers and makers!  I was delighted to join them in the process.   I am still in process, and love the whole idea of growth mindset in sharing design thinking!

To introduce the aspects of design thinking we read the following books:

The Most Magnificent Thing by Ashley Spires and also You Can Draw Bible Stories by Sandy Silverthorne.  The idea was to ask some wondering questions about curiosity, imagination and inventing.  We covered the aspects of how God has created us to be perfect designers in our Genesis story of creation.  We also covered the wonderful literary elements of illustrators and authors with artistic and grammar technique.  Ashley Spires has a way of making words come alive on each page!  Sandy Silverthorne has a unique way of telling Bible stories whilst encouraging young students to learn how to draw!  Some of our students were encouraged to start drawing in the process.

We learned how the end user of our inventions was really important in the process of making.  Whether we were making a muffin for our grandma or creating a new invention for our pet, we needed to understand and feel compassion for the person, or animal we were making the invention for.

Homework for next week was to learn how to storyboard.  Parents might follow up with this lesson plan from Scholastic.  I am really excited to see what our students will bring in the way of drawings to our next session of STEAM, as they decide how and what problem to solve in the process of making!

Also in our picture book series on Overdrive e Library we have the following books which cover design thinking.

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