STEAM Reading Buddies week 2

Our K-3 reading buddies virtual book club is off to a great start! We are covering some aspects from the new grade 2 science standards including Force and Motion.  After reading The Most Magnificent Thing (animated student version of the book) last week we talked about the meaning of imagination and perseverance, and what it means to fail.

Many of our students had figured out what storyboarding looks like with this simple worksheet , and they shared their beautiful illustrations of what they were going to problem solve.  All students brought their ideas to the table and presented their problems eloquently and with passion.  Some had even ventured further and made their creations, whilst others were still in the pondering stage, and researching stage as they researched other inventors. Some had tied into the compassion aspect of making, and decided to make gluten free muffins because a family member was gluten intolerant.  Another student wanted to fix a fence because the chickens were escapting from their yard.   One of our students even shared a book on First Peoples inventors and the amazing inventions they had brought to hunting, fishing and outdoor survival. There were all kinds of engineers in our class!   I am encouraged! I am learning from our future teachers 😀

We read Harriet and the RollerCoaster by Nancy Carlsen (in Overdrive e library), and discussed criteria for making a good roller coaster.  There was consensus we needed lots of steep hills!  Then we discovered who invented roller coasters and we watched a quick video on the real thing.  I felt quite sick following its trail 😉

Our next session involves bringing our story boards and home made rollercoasters or other creations to teach each other about the amazing God given force; gravity.

Yay for making!



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