STEAM Reading Buddies weeks 4-6

This past month has been fun as we shared our learning around the wonderful world of water.  Our STEAM presenters learned about the gift of water using many different kinds of resources for their research.  They looked up passages in the Bible pertaining to water and learned how to follow the formation of a water drop when we read A Drop Around the World.   Questions pondered included why is water important for all living things, and is our water supply infinite?  We explored different geographical regions to compare how water was used and treated.  We shared in appreciation at our abundance of water in British Columbia, and felt compassion for the lack of water in deserts and drought stricken areas.  Students  were encouraged to follow up with reading and activities from the teacher guide which accompanies this lovely picture book.

A Drop Around the World

Some students made water cycles out of hands on objects including Legoscreen-shot-2016-12-08-at-4-40-24-pm and  a real Hydro kit  from Knex whilst others made beautiful salt paintings to share water life in the ocean.


We learned about precipitation, condensation and evaporation as our students became teacher presenters!

Next month we will become researchers using Pebble Go to share our learning in writing form using the iPad app activities and essential questions.  We will read the e book Flo and Eddy’s water cycle by Lori Nun to discover more about water conservation in areas where water is scarce.

Then we will think of design thinking activities to conserve water for those in need, and develop our next prototypes.

Until next month Merry Christmas fellow STEAM buddies!

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