Middle School Math & Science Learning with Adaptive Curriculum

Adaptive Curriculum is a subscription which allows our students to learn and inquire about what they have learned.  Students are challenged to apply their newly-gained information in a digital activity that helps them understand what they’ve just watched.


The units we have in Adaptive Curriculum are geared to Math (Grades 6-9) and Science (Grades 5-10), and are a good supplement to meet the requirements of the BC Education Plan.  There are activities, explanations and worksheets to fit various learning styles.

The cost is $ 25.00/student for the school year, which ends on July 31st.  You can register your student(s) at https://fluidsurveys.com/s/Adaptive-Curriculum-2016-17/

Parents can preview this resource and get an idea of how Adaptive Curriculum  works.


Correlations of Adaptive Curriculum to the BC Ed Plan may be found at: https://hcslearningcommons.org/curriculum-correlations/

Catalogue of activities available on the Adaptive Curriculum site:  http://www.adaptivecurriculum.com/us/lessons-library/catalog.html

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