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Welcome to 2017!  I pray the Christmas season brought rest, peace, and many blessings to you and your families.  As we start the New Year it is a good time to refresh our goals in regards to learning and all things related to our gifts and passions.  We want to serve you with excellence this year, and look forward to seeking relationship; whether it’s one on one with curriculum/reference help,  or in a group workshop.  With that in mind we have some wonderful inquiry based workshops,  and resources for you to enjoy!

From Overdrive e library  catch up with our latest picks from Natalie.

For those of you who did not have time to catch up all things Curriculum and Distance Learning Philosophies here is the recording for your listening pleasure.  Thank you so  much Natalie and Sara-Beth for sharing your passions.

January is often a time for research and writing, as both middle grade and high school students start their major reporting.  To find out more about research and using our inquiry subscription Explora watch this video.  Follow up with Pippa to book a time for research strategies and bibliography support.

January Lunch n Learn workshops-

Pebble Go and Inquiry Workshop Jan 10th

Overdrive e library Lunch n Learn Jan 19th

Gizmos Lunch n Learn Math and Science Inquiry standards. Jan 24th

Learn L4U Tips and Tricks:  Jan. 26th

News from Subscriptions- 

Article on Adaptive Curriculum from Beth.

New web links-

New Years around the World  article from Erin!  Lesson plan ideas.

Librarian approved apps for your new year technology boost!


Bookaneer Read-a-Thon coming your way soon!  REGISTER and Follow up with more details here.

New in L4U: Berean Builders science series by Dr. Jay Wile! from Shandra

Science in the Beginning
Science in the Ancient World
The Scientific Revolution
Science in the Age of Reason
Science in the Industrial Revolution (Not yet available)

Cathy Duffy’s review:  This series is built around three unusual features that result in a unique science curriculum. First of all, every lesson has a hands-on activity or experiment. The activity is generally introduced briefly, then detailed instructions walk you through each activity with students making their own observations. After the activity, the text discusses what the student should have seen or experienced. That activity serves as the jumping off point to then explore a scientific concept… While you will be using many items for the activities, the cost should be minimal.

The second unusual feature is that the courses explore science in chronological order. The first course draws its themes from the days of creation. From there, courses proceed chronologically, telling the stories of important scientists and their discoveries. This approach helps students understand how scientific understanding continually expands as scientists build upon the work and discoveries of those who have gone before them. Students study pertinent scientific concepts relating to each time period. Families might want to try to coordinate their history studies with the science curriculum some years, although that probably won’t work well every year.

Thirdly, courses are designed so that all elementary level children in your family can participate in lessons together. Lesson material is presented in about two pages following each activity. This can be read aloud and discussed together. It includes some vocabulary that is presented with explanations that make it easier to recall, but it’s not vocabulary intensive. Read full review here.

This series is available to book now in L4U.  Not sure how to book  items?  Go Here

Blessings from the learning commons team!





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